If you are a DEALER or a BUSINESS running a number of vehicles that your staff utilize then fines are a problem for you. Apart from the cost and financial loss the POINTS DEMERIT SYSTEM is now approved and on its way. Yes it will probably be opposed in court but the arguments against are not really valid. This system is approved in other countries and will almost certainly become implemented here.
As a dealership or business all vehicles are the responsibility of the proxy person and he/she will lose points against their licence card. It will almost be impossible for such a person to redeem their licence. It has been conceded that this is an impossible situation for the proxy so an alternative has been suggested in a case like this. Instead of the proxy person being penalized the fine will be trebled. This will prove very costly!
It is the responsibility of the proxy to be able to determine at any given point in time who the driver is of each and every vehicle. This is a difficult task and we have developed a software system UNEEDSAM to do this. It is advisable even before the PDS becomes fully functional to put a system in place to do this.
UNEEDSAM does this and off a simple system each driver by way of a phone app is able to transfer responsibility to another driver (with their consent). Any fines received at whatever point in time can be allocated to the responsible driver.
We hire this system out to you at an affordable monthly fee and can also assist with the off-setting of these fines off your company name and onto the responsible driver's name keeping your business profile free of fines and safe from action by the authorities.
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