If you own or manage a fleet of vehicles you have a lot to do so don't let LICENCING of these vehicles be a headache to you. Outsource this to a professional business like ONE STOP – ZN.
Failure to manage your licencing can result in arrears and penalties, fines and un-licenced vehicles.
For a small fee we will set up an online profile for your fleet which you can hire and manage yourself or we can manage for you.
This includes:
  1. Ensuring that the fleet you own is compatible with the listing of your vehicles on eNatis.
  2. Loading all your vehicles on your profile (includes licencing costs and disc expiry dates).
  3. Indicate the expiry dates and costs of these vehicles throughout the year ahead.
  4. Indicate which of these vehicles need roadworthy.
  5. Renew these vehicles at the appointed time.
  6. Ensure new vehicles are correctly registered to your business.
  7. Ensure that sold vehicles are correctly removed from your business.
  8. Assist with other more complex licencing such as; stolen and recovered, deregistration, engine change, etc.
Interested in our service? Email me at adrian@onestopzn.co.za to arrange a meeting or call me on cellular 083 489 6761 (Adrian).
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