Motor vehicle licencing is not a simple matter as eNatis is a powerful system and licencing bureaus and agencies can be difficult to deal with.
In the past dealerships relied on their own licencing clerk to do their licencing and if you are a relatively small dealership this can work. If you are a larger dealership or group it will not work as one person simply cannot cope.
Larger dealerships have also over the past years outsourced to what I term "a glorified licencing clerk" who works for him/herself and has one or two helpers. This can work but can have problems as there is "little money" in licencing and a small service provider will soon work out that they need more work (volumes) and try to expand. Usually the problem arises that when they expand they do not add to their infrastructure of staff and vehicles and soon become overloaded. This is when the cracks start to appear.
Further problem with a licencing clerk or small service provider is that they often end up doing licencing on what I call a "crisis" management system and run from "fire to fire" trying to put out the biggest ones first. These people are often also dominated by the strongest "personalities" in a dealership at the expense of others. It often takes a big effort and lots of time to solve a crisis so while energies and resources are focused on one problem others start to develop due to neglect and so the cycle continues.
A myth to outsourcing licencing is that you are paying to a third party where you could be doing it yourself for nothing. Simply not so as there are costs involved with anything. Labour costs, vehicles, fuel, wear & tear, tolls, etc. These all cost and you can choose to ignore or hide them or you can confront them thereby better able to justify carrying the cost over to the consumer. Mistakes and delays also cost in time, money and customer satisfaction.
To me the best method is to outsource (and network) with a professional business who apply systems across the board. To be honest if you are looking for a "miracle licencing business" that will solve all your problems on time I can assure you there is no such business (or person).
One Stop – ZN is the leading licencing business in Durban and apply systems, backed up by good staff and good relationships with the licencing departments. We are also busy setting up networks across KZN and SA that can help with the workload and assist with further afield licencing (out of your area). Only by networking and sharing the load can we/you keep costs down and simplify licencing.
We don’t "simply" work for anyone but are willing to discuss service and software systems with you to consider the beneficial options.
We have been in this "game" for 17 years and like to believe we do it better than most. If you are interested in discussing future working relationships feel free to contact myself (Adrian – Cellular 083 489 6761) or email me at
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