We assist you (business & private persons) with your licencing! I was speaking to a lady two days ago whom we assisted with the transfer of a car into her son's name and the fitting of plates – she said "I spent 7 hours in licencing only to hit my head, what a nightmare." That is pretty much how it is these days. We have been doing licencing professionally for the past 17 years and even I shake my head sometimes. Licencing departments have become problematic. They are not there to teach you licencing but to process documents. They will stop at the first problem (no matter how small) and send you away.
Don't waste your valuable time. Come to us for an efficient and affordable service. Yes we are busy, we are not a "miracle business" and we reserve the right to say no to certain work. "You cannot please everybody all the time" but we try our best to help.
For assistance: Email me at or call me on cellular 083 489 6761 (Adrian).
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