We have been in the game of vehicle licencing for 17 years now! (2018/04/01). In this time we have become the most advanced licencing business in Durban (and probably SA). We believe in systems and have developed 3 awesome systems; DEALER LICENCING SYSTEM, FINES SYSTEM & a FLEET LICENCING SYSTEM. Systems breed success!
Even after 17 years this business "drives me to drink" at the end of the day. Licencing departments are problematic and not there to help but to process documents. At the smallest mistake they will turn you away. So if I feel like this at the end of a day I can only imagine how you feel. Outsource to a professional business like ourselves. We do work (T&C's apply) for dealers, private business and persons.
From simple licencing renewals to complex licencing transactions we try our best to help.
If interested in our service and systems? Email me at adrian@onestopzn.co.za to arrange a meeting or call me on cellular 083 489 6761 (Adrian).
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